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Travel to Switzerland and Reveal Its Unique Beauty

Switzerland – the Land in the Heart of Europe

Switzerland is the pulse of Europe situated right in the central. Who does not know this small but the vibrant country?

Switzerland is the land behind the secrets of world-known cheese, chocolate, cuckoo clocks, the combination of four languages on the same territory. However, mostly for its Swiss Alps in the south.

This land of fairy tale is your best destination for lifetime journeys among its twenty-three cantons. The English language is almost spoken, all along with minimum one of the four official languages.

In each year, Switzerland tempts thousands of tourists from all around the world both in summer and winter seasons. Through its ravishing landscapes, the endless green pastures, eco-friendly hiking and biking paths. Also, the winter is another relish in Switzerland, the skiing and snowboarding at unrepeatable ski resorts in the Swiss Alps, Bernese Oberland among other snow-covered hundreds of mountains.

The shimmering lakes spread widespread along with the country, the wine vineyards, the panoramic views - especially from air balloons or parachutes.

Switzerland is the homeland for the splendid sightseeing, which takes your breath away. The top of Europe - Jungfraujoch, the distinctive Alpine peak of Matterhorn are located in the heart of this country.

Besides its majestic beauty, Switzerland's urban culture appears in many sites inscribed in UNESCO’s World Heritage List. Especially the Old Town of the Capital – Bern, which is one of the rare corners of the world. Whereas, it well-preserved its medieval townscape with numerous fountains of the 16th century, narrow streets, charming squares, and towers. In the 18the century, the majority of this medieval town was restored, however, with keeping its original character.

Switzerland is a meeting point for diverse traditions and cultures displays in enormous ways. Whereas, Switzerland is the real paradise for the lovers of contemporary art and culture.

It is the homeland for a vast range of attractions, such as museums, libraries, galleries, theatres as well as annual festivals.

The visitors are melt in the numerous outstanding architecture and historical locations, where remarkable artists worked.

Switzerland boasts with its unique architectural Swiss Chalet style. This style refers to classic building designs, which are characterised by a very cosy atmosphere and facades richly ornate with wooden flourish balconies and carved decoration, dating back to the Belle Epoque period.

The Swiss cuisine is also vibrant by gathering the French, German and Italian gourmet cuisines. However, it features many dishes specific to Switzerland. Notably, the main dishes which are made with potatoes and dozens of cheeses as Switzerland was historically a country of farmers.

The greater relaxing possibility that Swiss offers its tourists is the eleventh car-free resorts, with unlimited activity options and endless beauty.

On a journey through the Swiss, many secrets may unveil, but much more will stay a mystery which needs additional drilling in order to have spiritual relish.

Overall, Switzerland is the land of peace, where you start your exploration and never reach the end!