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Bern: The Capital of Switzerland, Marktgasse Street, Garden of Roses, Einstein House Museum


Travel to Bern - the capital of Switzerland, as well as, the political and diplomatic center. It has been described as “the most beautiful that we have ever seen” by Johann Wolfgang von Goethe.

This picturesque city characterizes with its strategic location, thanks to the surrounding hilly landscapes, floppy green forests, and the blissful villages. Bern is small enough to be explored on foot, as most of the town is a pedestrian zone. It is hardly worth to take a car anywhere.

The Old City of Bern is enlisted in UNESCO World Heritage Site, for being one of the rare corners in the world. Whereas the town had preserved its medieval originality with numerous fountains, narrow streets, charming squares, and impressive towers.

Here are plenty of outdoor cafes, which offer a magnificent relaxing atmosphere. Containing more than hundreds of historical fountains added an extra character to the Old Town by serving as a water supply.

A trip to Bern cannot be completed without visiting the colourful fashion boutiques on the famous shopping Marktgasse Street. It is also a site to nine astonishing fountains with unique sculptures.

If you have enough courage, you are invited to climb the 344 steps of Bern's Cathedral, which is the highest tower in the city. This experience will award you the majestic scenery of the Old Town nestled on the banks of Aare River and the snowy mountains of Berner Oberland.

One of the highlights during the summertime is to increase your daring and jump into the cool waters of Aare River, in order to get the most refreshing feeling for the hot summer days mixed with incredible views of the Old Town.

Bern's friendly animal and the city's symbol is the Bears while visiting them you can create their medallions by your hands and take it with you as a bright memory. Your impression about the city would not be completed if you do not visit the ornate astronomical clock with moving figures. It has been in service for over five hundred years.

The Rose Garden with 220 sorts of roses is a heavenly place to unwind. From where unfold the magnificent welcoming atmosphere and the enjoyable unrivalled panorama of Bern City.

Nowadays, the Prison Tower serves as the residence of the Confederation's political gathering, as well as accommodation for political events and exhibitions.

The Town Hall is hosting the meetings of the cantonal and city parliaments.

Switzerland Tour invites all the tourists to discover the cultural diversity of Bern Region, especially, those who are interested in modern art, will find themselves in heaven while visiting the Paul Klee Center. It is a masterpiece made of steel and glass hosting most famous collections by Paul Klee, as well as other outstanding temporary exhibitions of contemporary artists.

Join Switzerland Tour in one of the entertaining informative tours around this magnificent city to immerse yourself in the popular attractions of Bern City and divulge some hidden corners.

Here are the best sightseeing spots to inspire your stay in Bern, Switzerland:

  • - The Fountains with Figures.
  • - The Clock Tower "World’s oldest functioning watch".
  • - The Bear-Pit (Bern Bears).
  • - The Holy Ghost Church
  • - The Botanical Garden.
  • - The Garden of Roses.
  • - The Federal Palace of Bern.
  • - The Bern Minster.
  • - The Einstein House-Museum.
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