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Travel to Bad Ragaz: Rhine River, Gorge Tamina Mountain, Ski resort Pizol Switzerland

Bad Ragaz

Bad Ragaz is situated at the foot of Pizol on the Rhine River Valley. It is renowned as a recreational resort all over the world. Here in Bad Ragaz, the bubbling waters are rich in sodium bicarbonate and calcium, magnesium and fluorine. They flow up from the internal of the mountain with a temperature of 37° Celsius.

Bad Ragaz is an ideal traditional spa town right in the middle of breathtaking Alpine scenery. The countryside is characterized by the surrounding fabulous scenery formed by lakes and mountains. The walking paths give you all this beauty during a stroll through it.

The hot springs of Gorge Tamina Mountain were first discovered in 1240. The gorge is very narrow and has almost no natural light, as only during the mid-day a few rays of sunshine can penetrate here.

However, for special wellness treatment, you must pamper yourself in the Tamina Thermal Springs spa, where is the real feeling of healing by the flowing water, located elegantly in the central of Bad Ragaz.

For those interested in history and museums, there is a Monastery and Spa Museum with changing exhibitions.

Paracelsus is considered being the first spa physician in Bad Pfaefers, who discovered the healing and relaxing power of the thermal springs. This was the beginning of the SPA tourism in Bad Ragaz. Nowadays, Bad Ragaz is a wellness resort with luxurious, top-rated hotels and thermal baths, which attract numerous tourists all year round.

The high-class golf clubs complement the magnificent accommodations and SPA centers by making the image of an ideal Swiss rest.

Bad Ragaz is also rich in the hiking trails; almost 39 paths allow an amazing opportunity in the summer for those enthusiasts of outdoor activities that help to enjoy the peaceful atmosphere in nature's embrace.

Another blessed grace in Bad Ragaz is the Walensee and the Churfirsten Mountains. This pearl lake is considered among the deepest and purest ones in the country. In the summertime, one can enjoy a boat trip here and the majestic backdrop of the Churfirsten Mountains. Either, you can enjoy this heavenly beauty from the top during a cable car trip high above the lake. Furthermore, there is also a strolling and biking area for an adventurous experience.

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Below you can find some places of interest in Bad Ragaz:

  • - Tamina Gorge and the ancient Bad Pfaefers – Explore the slit gorge with the hot springs dating back to the 13th century.
  • - Tamina Thermal Springs – The best luxurious treatment to regenerate your soul and body, as well as to relax your mind from the daily routine.
  • - Ski resort Pizol Switzerland – It is the closest mountain to Bad Ragaz easily reachable by a cable car that runs only from July to the middle of October.
  • - Heidi experience – It is a title of an area with a pure atmosphere, Alpine meadows and superb mountains.
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