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Visit Solothurn with Switzerland Tour: Clock Tower, Basel Gate, Fortifications, Town Hall


Solothurn is a small and charming city located on the Aare River, which spoils its guests with the unique culture combination of Italian, French and German styles.

Solothurn has earned its name of “Ambassador Town” for being the residence of the French king’s ambassadors during the 16th–18th centuries.

The impressive Baroque and Renaissance buildings, as well as many religious centers distinguish this car-free old city. Also, make it a great place to stroll and enjoy the magnificent views. This idyllic Baroque architecture in Solothurn is among the finest examples in Switzerland. An interesting thing to remember about the city is the number eleven. As within the Old City, you will find eleven chapels and churches, eleven historic fountains and towers. However, the most wondering piece is the clock with only eleven hours on it. The secret behind this number is that Solothurn was the eleventh canton to join the Swiss Confederation.

The masterpiece here is the St. Ursus Cathedral, which is the main hallmark and tourist attraction in Solothurn that took eleven years to build.

You need to challenge yourself and climb 249 steps in order to be rewarded with magnificent and unrepeatable views. Whenever you reach the top, count the 11 bells and 11 altars.

The riverside offers cycle paths for a relaxing stroll where you can inhale the fresh air. Other than that, there is plenty of finest riverfront cafes to visit in order to try the tasty sweet - Solothurner Torte.

Solothurn is an attractive tourist destination not only with its impressive past but also with modern art and activities. Here, the visitors of all age categories can find numerous options of their interest like Solothurn Film and Literature Days. Those who want to discover the past through museums can admire the Museum of Stones, the Natural History Museum or the Old Arsenal (Alte Zeughaus). The last is home to one of the largest armour exhibitions in Europe. Those fond of more contemporary findings will feel domestic at the ENTER Museum, which is dedicated to the entire range of computers and technological innovations.

For a unique taste of culture, concur your visit to Solothurn with one of the city's amazing festivals. It fits all tastes, thus, everyone is bound to find an attractiveness. Some of the festivals that take place in Solothurn are the Film Festival, Beer festival, Switzerland's National Cycling Festival and much more interesting events.

Families are very welcome in a special atmosphere during their Solothurn tourism. The children won't have enough of the numerous activity choices, such as canoeing on the Aare River, visiting the Nature Park with endless entertainment, camping, hiking for all skill levels. Other options are mountain biking as Solothurn is a hub of it or even boat journey.

Make your trip to Solothurn unforgettable only with Switzerland Tour, home to private enjoyable journeys and a specialist in the best thing to do in Solothurn.

Below you can find some interesting sightseeing among the must-visit list while being in Solothurn:

  • - The Clock Tower.
  • - The Basel Gate.
  • - The Fortifications.
  • - The Fountains.
  • - The Town Hall.
  • - The Foundation Jesuit Church Solothurn.
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