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Enjoy the St Moritz Ski Resort with Switzerland Tour: Muottas Muragl Mountain, National Park, Piz Nair Mountain

St Moritz

Many places on our planet are simply unlike anywhere else. St. Moritz is one of them and is listed among the rare places in Switzerland.

The winter wonderland of St. Moritz has been attracting the visitors, celebrities and royal families since 1864.

The reason behind this is that the ski resort of St. Moritz is one of the sunniest ones in the Swiss Alps. It is the birthplace of winter Alpine tourism and the first geographical location that has been trademarked.

Also, it is considered as the first destination in the Swiss Alps, and in Europe as well, where Golf tournament took place. It is already more than a century that this destination became a world-class resort by having elegance and exclusivity as its synonyms.

The magnificent Alpine scenery that is offered at an elevation of 1856m with 25 crystal-clear mountain lakes, glaciers and forests, defies all the expectations.

The area boasts a number of sunny days (about 322 sunny days in a year) proved to be aesthetically pleasing to anyone’s eyes. The emblem of St. Moritz is the “Sun”, which describes this region perfectly.

St. Moritz also well-known for its luxurious hotels with high-quality services, considered among best ones in the Swiss Alps, especially the hotels that are situated on the Lake St. Moritz.

St. Moritz is a stunning region both during the summer as well as winter months. The magnificent healing features of the hot springs and the first-class service, as well as numerous tennis courts, golf fields, hang-gliding, horse riding, recreational centers based on hot springs and healing mud baths, attract more than 1.5 million tourists each year.

The summer activities also include a pure pleasure during the mountain biking, hiking trails between the Corviglia and Muottas Muragl Mountains, or sailing and windsurfing on Lake St. Moritz.

As for winter sports activities, it is enough to say that St. Moritz was the starting point for winter Alpine tourism and it has managed to host the Winter Olympics (in 1928 and 1948) twice.

This region has four areas for skiing and snowboarding, even artificial ice-skating rinks for summer.

Below you can find some places of interest, which deserve to take a try in St. Moritz:

  • - White Turf Racing Association – The unique event of horse racing takes place during the wintertime in St. Moritz.
  • - Berry Museum – It is situated in the center of St. Moritz, and dedicated to displaying the oil paintings and drawings of the painter Peter Robert Berry.
  • - Muottas Muragl Mountain – The stunning summit includes a panoramic restaurant and a luxurious hotel.
  • - Corviglia – The ski area above St. Moritz at an altitude of 2,486 m., reachable by a funicular from the town.
  • - Segantini Museum – Contains the great Alpine paintings of Giovanni Segantini from the 19th century.
  • - Piz Nair Mountain – The mountain, which hosted the events of the Winter Olympics, is easily accessible from the village by a funicular and a cable car.
  • - The National Park – Home to unspoiled nature, various species of animals and the flourishing plants.
  • - Corvatsch Glacier – A breathtaking gondola trip up to Mt. Corvatsch, where incredible views unfold.
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