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Explore Lugano: Lake Lugano, EGO Gallery, Parco Civico Ciani, Piazza della Riforma


Lugano is a small world-class city and an important conference and business center, as well as the third most important financial center in Switzerland.

Being situated on the northern side of Lake Lugano, it became the largest holiday resort in the Italian-speaking region of Ticino.

The interval between the border of Lugano and Italy is the glacial Lugano Lake, which is considered as one of the reasons that make Lugano very special compared to other places in the world.

On the shores of the lake in Gandria is located the Swiss Customs Museum, which is reachable only by a boat trip from the town on the Lake Lugano.

Travel to the south part of Switzerland, where the sunny Lugano is located, and get delighted by the blend of the Swiss and Italian cultures. It is considered to be a city of parks and flowers.

The city’s surrounding Mountains of Monte San Salvatore and Monte Bre give its vacationers the impression of an amphitheater made of hills that offer a splendid viewpoint.

The sights from the top have their uniqueness that never should be missed. Both healthy hiking and an enjoyable stress-free cable car trip are options for reaching Monte San Salvatore Mountain. From here the extremely breathtaking view extends over the town, Lake Lugano and the famous Alpine peaks.

Lugano is home to special features that one must discover, particularly the historic center of the town. Take a stroll through the arcades with ancient buildings, which spread for many blocks on both sides of the streets.

During your walk, you will get the feeling of a cosy and pleasant environment, especially in the uncovered walk areas. The pedestrian zone in the Old Town creates a lovely sociable atmosphere in Lugano. Here, the visitors have suggested an unforgettable walk through the streets with numerous buildings of Lombardy style, exclusive museums and exhibitions.

In this city of wonders, besides the mild Mediterranean climate, you will also find Mediterranean-style squares and arcades in the very center of it. The main square Piazza Della Riforma offers a wide range of outdoor cafes and restaurants where the locals and tourists can relax.

Also, the city has parklands with camellias and magnolias, as well as numerous sub-tropical plants. This Mediterranean mix reflects in Lugano’s culture, architecture and cuisine.

The city's central spot makes it one of the best destinations to unwind and enjoy a peaceful vacation. There is a variety of activities on the lake, such as fishing and boating all along with the plenty of sightseeing attractions.

In brief words, here in Lugano, you will experience the enjoyable sweet feeling of doing nothing but totally indulging into the peaceful atmosphere and admiring how humans and nature can be in perfect balance with each other.

Here are some best places to visit in Lugano recommended by Switzerland Tour:

  • - Parco Civico Ciani – The peaceful fascinating lakeside park with plenty of colourful flowers. It is listed among the beautiful gardens of Switzerland.
  • - The Madonna degli Angioli Church - The enchanting church with large fresco covers the whole wall of the nave.
  • - EGO Gallery – Presents the contemporary art of young artists.
  • - Cathedral of Saint Lawrence – The Romanian Catholic church from the Middle Ages.
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