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Discover Zurich with Switzerland Tour: Old Town, Lake Zurich, Zurich Zoo, Grand Cathedral


Zurich, being located in the heart of Switzerland and in the center of Europe, is one of the most important financial centers in the world.

It has a unique mix of well-preserved Old Town and hectic modern life having a magnificent view of the snowy Swiss Alps. Zurich, according to recent studies, is considered as the highest standard of living in the world.

This charming compact city is situated on the picturesque northern shores of Lake Zurich with the Limmat River, which flows out of the lake and runs through the scenic of the town. It is truly a perfect location for beautiful photos. During good weather conditions, you can see across the lake the Swiss central Alps.

More than 1200 drinking water sources that spread within the city make Zurich one of the fountain richest cities in the world. In addition, public parks like the "Platzspitz" widely extend among the city area.

Zurich's city center is the best place to start your Zurich tours. One can say that there is so much to see during Zurich tourism, that you will need to consider a rather long time while being in this city of wonders. About 50 museums and 100 art galleries will not let you be bored in this city of attractions.

While strolling in the Old Town “Altstadt” of Zurich, you will discover the secrets and beauty of Renaissance period. Also, you will see the living history of the well-preserved ancient buildings and the capstones lanes for the pedestrians.

Niederdorfstrasse is the main lane through the Old Town: it is for walkers only. There are many sidewalk restaurants and cafes, plenty of shops and bars waiting for you to be discovered.

You can also admire the townscape from the elegant towers of Fraumunster Church, with its glass colourful windows. Otherwise, from Grossmunster Church, which is the landmark and the major historic site of Zurich's Old Town.

Another option is to get closer to the Saint Peter's Cathedral, which has the world’s largest clock tower and capture unforgettable pictures. By having a walk along the shopping paradise Bahnhofstrasse, you can find each kind of shop you want.

After approaching to the intersection point of the Old City, Bahnhofstrasse and Zurich Lake, you will have the full image of Zurich, an unforgettable mix of old and new.

Among the must-see places is the Lindenhof Hill. This is a public square located directly over the Limmat River, which offers a spectacular view on the rooftops of Zurich. We definitely recommend taking a short boat round trip on the upper part of Zurich Lake, in order to admire the beauty from your comfortable seat.

Hurry up to delve into one of the best journeys in Zurich City provided by Switzerland Tour, or even start one from Zurich and depart to another heavenly Swiss city.

Here is the list of most interesting and popular places to visit in Zurich:

  • - Paradeplatz Square.
  • - Old Alleys.
  • - Grand Cathedral.
  • - Zurich Zoo.
  • - Zurich Opera House.
  • - Swiss National Museum.
  • - Limmat River Quay.
  • - Lake Zurich, the eastern shore.
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