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Visit Verbier with Switzerland Tour: Swiss Alps, Mont Fort, Mont Gele


Verbier Village lies in the heart of the Bagnes Valley, in the southern majestic Swiss Alps, near to the borders of France and Italy.

The famous village with its Swiss chalet-style provides a distinguishing panoramic outlook. This includes vistas over the Mont Blanc, Alp's highest mountain and the Matterhorn from the summit of Mont Fort.

Verbier deems as one of Switzerland's prestigious resorts with plenty of luxury accommodation options.

The whole town is filled with chalets, large hotels with scenic terraces and sunny balconies, which offer a relaxing atmosphere in most luxurious ways.

Verbier is considered among the top destinations to visit in Switzerland, especially in the winter season. Thanks to its altitude of the ski area and the fine snow conditions. Some areas are covered with snow all year round, turning this place into real heaven for winter sports enthusiasts. Advanced ski lovers from all over the world are also offered limitless activities.

Also, one of the not to be missed things here in Verbier is to participate in the Verbier Ride, which takes place in the La Chaux snow park in January. Verbier Ride is one of the top competitions in the world for those who are extremely fond of snow adventures.

Verbier Resort is a truly ideal region for practicing winter sports and relaxing during winter holidays with the entire family, individuals or groups.

Furthermore, during your stay in Verbier, the shopping opportunities are also vast and deserve to take a try. Stroll among the world-known brands and fancy boutiques, as well as all-inclusive independent ski shops for ski equipment.

Verbier ski area is divided into four sectors: Medran, Les Savoleyres, Mont Fort and Bruson. The region offers best ski deals in Verbier, which is perfect equally for professional athletes and for beginners. One can enjoy different kinds of ski packages in Verbier.

Verbier ski guide will ensure much more safety and professionalism by instructing the skiers, as well as helping with essentials.

Besides all this entertainment, Verbier has much to offer in its Spas and health clubs. This is an ideal experience to take with ensuring the best amount of restful treatments that you will enjoy.

During the summertime, Verbier, like many mountain villages, becomes a true destination for Swiss national hiking. Other activities include climbing, paragliding, swimming, golf, badminton, ice karting, trips aboard the mountain railways and so much more.

The city evolves in cultural events as well. The annual Verbier International music festival brings together the world’s best classical musicians.

Verbier has a great reputation for the high quality provided services in its restaurants, hotels and the ski resorts. Thus, it is a magical place to spend the holidays.

Switzerland Tour has the honour to become your guide in Verbier - one of the best places to visit in Switzerland during a private trip to this amazing fantasy world.

- Here are some best things to do in Verbier, which surely will catch your interest:

  • - Mont Fort.
  • - Mont Gele.
  • - Protected nature landscapes of the Haut Val de Bagnes.
  • - The Bagnes AOP cheese and other regional products.
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