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Discover the beauty of Arosa: Alpine Health Resorts, Lake Obersee, Tschuggen Mountain


Arosa is one of Switzerland’s beautiful resorts at a very high altitude (about 1800m above sea level), located at the end of the Schanfigg Valley.

Arosa gives you chills by the thrilling range of white mountain peaks. The surrounding mountains protect this region from strong winds and allow the guests and locals to enjoy the warmth of the sunshine. The level of transit traffic in the surroundings is also very low, which ensures particularly pure air giving. Hence, Arosa is famous as one of the best Alpine health resorts.

One can be impressed by those fine natural surroundings in both summer and winter. This destination boasts with more than 200km trails for hiking, walking, mountain biking, which eventually will lead you from one crystal clear lake to another.

The bike region of Arosa is very competitive and flexible at the same time. Thus, it suitable for every riding style from the simple to extreme, from the easy to the challenging.

Those who prefer to be close to nature, can take the squirrel trail and enjoy their time with these cute creatures, which are shy at first, but then ultimately start climbing onto the hiker’s shoulders.

In order to provide the best quality and pleasant holidays to its visitor's, Arosa offers a ski school, junior club winter, indoor playgrounds and much more.

Arosa ski resorts welcome the lovers of winter sports, who can find 225km slopes with guaranteed snow. Besides, thanks to the well-managed transportation chain, this area becomes the largest interconnected skiing area giving chance to reach Lenzerheide in just three minutes via cable car. In case you do not have your ski equipment with you, no need to worry because you can easily rent the best ones up there.

Other winter sports, which are facilitated in Arosa are the possibility to skate on smooth surfaces in order to recreate your skating skills. Such as ice hockey, open-air ice rink, ice stock sports, curling, and ice disco among others.

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Below you can find some of the best things to do in Arosa:

  • - Lake Obersee – Offers a breathtaking hiking journey in nature's embrace to be reached and enjoy the magnificent pearl views with a capability of boat trips.
  • - Tschuggen Mountain – Easily reachable by a gondola lift from Arosa Town offering magnificent views of Arosa.
  • Parpaner Rothorn Mountain – Another enjoyable cable car trip to delve into the impressive unrepeatable beauty of this mountain.
  • - Aroser Rothorn – The highest mountain peak between Arosa and Lenzerheide.
  • - Untersee Bathing Beach – It is a public bathing area and offers many other enjoyable summer activities, also a special playing area for children.
  • - Squirrel Trail - It is an undoubtedly exciting journey to be taken, the most popular for families to let their kids enjoy the company of these fluffy animals.
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