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Relax in Leukerbad: The Largest SPA and Wellness Resort


Leukerbad is located in one of the most picturesque regions in Switzerland, which also attracts people by its ancient history. The graves and many remnants of ceramics attest that the habitation in this region is dating back to the fourth century.

One of Leukerbad gems is the Gemmi Pass dating back to the fifth century. It is a high tower above the village goes across the Bernese Alps at an altitude of 2270 meters above sea level connecting Leukerbad with Kandersteg. This historic pass is truly called “the classic among the classics” for the incredible offered views. Like in many other Swiss mountain destinations, the lovers of active as well as passive rest can find here every activity to relax and get the most out of their holiday.

The great exception for Leukerbad as compared to others is that this destination is the largest SPA and wellness resort in the Swiss Alps. Here you can relax or have your treatment with natural underground water at an altitude of 1400 meters above sea level. There are 65 springs that provide about four million litters of mineral-rich water for the thermal baths. This is the place where you understand what it means to relax your mind and muscles at the same time feeling how much fun bathing here can be.

The Leukerbad thermal springs are running all year round and attract visitors from all around the world. We offer to delve into the wellness of the hot baths especially during winter season, when you are surrounded by the snow.

The sources of the water, which is over the 51 degrees Celsius hot, are the daily flowing waters from the 65 thermal springs right into the 30 thermal baths. The wellness procedures here are on the top level quality. An incredibly huge range of choices along with the pampering therapies and health procedures are being offered. In fact, the surplus of natural water cleans the village's steepest roads from the snow by heating them with this hot water.

Leukerbad is on the list of the top five tourist destinations in Valais canton. It offers enormous activity choices in both summer and winter seasons. A wide selection of luxurious hotels and plenty of local restaurants are available.

Among the winter sports here, the skiing is also worth taking a try in order to enjoy half a dozen ski lifts.

The children also have their share in Leukerbad's Park Erli. This gorgeous area offers for them special opportunities to learn skiing.

Just like many things in Leukerbad, the thermal baths as well have a long history. The Romans were the first to find out the healing and relaxing properties of those natural springs. Nowadays, skiers, as well as hikers, never miss the opportunity to relax their muscles and regenerate after the physically active rest in Leukerbad. Travelling to Leukerbad can be a great chance to rest and find inner peace. Switzerland Tour will help you and organize your stay in this land of wonders.

Regenerate your body and spoil yourself in one of Leukerbad’s many thermal baths rich with minerals in the heart of an impressive mountainous world and the wide range of spa facilities during a private trip with Switzerland Tour.

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