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Travel to Locarno with Switzerland Tour: Visconteo Castle, Casa Serodine, Pinacoteca Comunale Casa Rusca Museum


Locarno is situated in the southern region of Switzerland and northern shore of Lake Maggiore. It boasts with 2300 hours of sunshine within a year and proudly holds the title of the warmest city in Switzerland.

There are numerous ways of discovering this charming and warm city, where palm and lemon trees give the impression of more a Mediterranean than a Swiss city.

Travel to Locarno can be an incredible choice and a great experience. The old city will charm you with its fine castles dating back to the early Middle Ages. Locarno is also proud of its extraordinary nature spots.

The Old Town of Locarno has an extensive arcade, lots of restaurants and cafes, shops and little stores to wander around or visit. Regardless of being in the Swiss part, you will taste some Italian pizza, pasta or you will even have the opportunity to choose from the variety of delicious Italian gelato ice cream flavours.

The tranquil city offers a very special stroll along the waterfront, where the area is free of cars. The lakeside is a broad area for a pedestrian promenade in a relaxing atmosphere. The area is surrounded by the magnificent view of the mountains and botanical gardens bristling with subtropical enchanting flowers. All this beauty is offered on the major site of Brissago Island.

In the heart of Locarno is situated the Camellia Park, which contains over 900 species of the same flowers including very rare genders. Another option is to take an electric bike trip to enjoy the eco-friendly environment.

Wherever you visit Locarno the must-see masterpiece is the Piazza Grande - the central part of the city. It is located beyond the lake, which can easily be accessed from the Old Town, as all the narrow lanes from there will lead you to Piazza Grande.

The crowded square is full of attractive old houses and shopping places. In the summer, it hosts a famous music and film festivals.

The festivals in Locarno are cosmopolitan renowned. Especially the International Film Festival is the biggest cultural event in Switzerland and one of the important ones in the whole of Europe. During the festival time, open-air screening films take place.

Another option is to hike to the Sanctuary of Madonna del Sasso, which is situated above the city. It is believed that the building is located at the very place where the Virgin Mary has appeared to Brother Bartholomeo da Ivrea.

The hidden reason for becoming Locarno a well-known resort to the whole world was the "Locarno Treaty", which was signed by a number of European governments to guarantee a system of safety for Western Europe.

Book your private trip to Locarno with Switzerland Tour in order to enjoy this peaceful side of Swiss. We will advise you on the best things to do in Locarno, thus, you get all its charm.

Below you can find tourist sightseeing that should be visited during your stay in Locarno:

  • - Visconteo Castle – Nowadays it is a Municipal and Archaeological Museum.
  • - Casa Serodine – The science museum in Ascona.
  • - Pinacoteca Comunale Casa Rusca Museum.
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