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Discover the Alpine Village of Klosters: Madrisa Adventure Park, Madrisa Mountain, Parsenn


Klosters is a captivating Alpine resort village, which will charm you with its beauty and reward you with unforgettable moments during your stay in this peaceful side of Switzerland.

As compared with its metropolis Davos, Klosters has more calm and quiet reputation, though both of them are considered the glamorous sides of the Swiss Alps.

The mountain village of Klosters is connected with its neighbour Resort Davos by five ski areas, which are the largest ones in the Alps.

Klosters is characterized by its genuine village, the fascinating background mountains, the exceptionally welcoming hotels, wellness places and plenty of leisure sports.

It hosts thousands of tourists every year from all over the world, especially those, who like to enjoy their holidays in rural luxurious settings. Hence, Klosters is the very home for them.

Those fond of passive rest can admire the nature of unspoiled chalet-style village Klosters, which has attracted the British Royal family as well as many Hollywood stars, who became regular guests of this holiday village since 1950.

Klosters’ weather and its perfect site all along with the peaceful scenery are renowned for being one of the most family-friendly holiday villages in Switzerland.

Both in summer and in winter seasons different types of activities are suggested for families with children in a great atmosphere. One can find about 700km of diverse trails, starting from the ones suitable for a walk with a stroller and ending with the highlands for advanced hikers. Also, it contains mountain biking marked routes for explorations in nature's embrace.

Klosters ski resort and Madrisa Land Adventure Park would be a paradise together for parents and their kids, as they offer four fun parks for the entire family. This park is accessible also for physically disabled and visually impaired visitors.

The plenty of the enjoyable activities that are offered here include climbing walls and trees, slides, flying fox, and more exciting things. After a stroll or fun in the park, guests will be awarded the sunset of this incredible beauty.

In winter, the beginners can ski at Madrisa, while more experienced or professional ones can reach Davos ski arena. Others can enjoy snow-show trekking, winter walking paths, downhill sliding with toboggan or anything else.

The ski slopes which are ranging from 1,500 to over 2,500 meters in altitude, can make one's heart beat faster during the races.

The village of Klosters is ensuring all-inclusive luxurious holidays with the variety offered programmes and attractive places. All the enthusiast skiers, snowboarders and free riders are promised to have an extraordinary and exciting winter sports experience.

Klosters is much more than relaxing vacation and far less exclusive than most would imagine.

Switzerland Tour also suggests a list of things to do in Klosters during your enjoyable trip to this magnificent area:

  • - Madrisa Adventure Park – The perfect place for snowboarding which is considered the world’s leading destination for snowboarding.
  • - Madrisa Mountain – It is located on the border of Austria and offers a stunning view over Klosters.
  • - Parsenn – Another amusing ski area near Davos, which is the largest and most recent one of Davos.
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