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Delve into the world of Scuol: Indoor & Outdoor Baths, Wellness SPA, Ski Area


Scuol is located in the Romansch-speaking region, one of the four national languages of Switzerland. The Swiss city is known for its elegant luxurious recreation resorts.

The first thing that Scuol tempts the visitors with is the health spas, the substantial ski and hiking areas as well. Scuol is classified among the popular and most visited ski resorts. Also, it is rich with various winter sports options, such as skiing or snowboarding on elevations of 1,250 m and 2,785 m.

The spa baths are the best place to escape from the daily tiredness, either in the indoor or outdoor baths or even the hot healing saunas with magnificent surrounded mountain views.

This holiday and spa resort has retained its intact nature and native traditions, which represent the rich Romansch culture.

Here you have an opportunity to enjoy the bubbling mineral waters to the fullest, which flow from the public fountains within the village at the Bugl Grond and Plaz squares.

The village is characterized by cobblestone streets, which are surrounded by historic houses with sgraffito ornamental decoration. While strolling through the valley of the Lower Engadine, you will come across five mineral water fountains.

Over the years, Scuol gained fame for its healing water and became one of the most visited destinations in Switzerland for wellness.

Among the multiple reasons to adore Scuol, that it offers a beautiful hiking and biking mountain area.

In the heights of the village, you will find the Saint George Church of late Gothic style, which stands proudly on a mighty rock. The church is characterized by its Romanesque tower. Whenever you reach this place, the reward will be a wonderful scenery across Scuol, as well as the Swiss National Park. This park has been founded in 1914 and is known as the oldest one in the Swiss Alps.

A vacation in Scuol can bring you inner peace, relaxation and rejuvenation. Here is the exact place, from where you can become acquainted with Roman-Irish bathing ritual. The extensive treatments of which last several hours and include soap-and-brush massage, giving you a sense of relaxation and stimuli.

You won't leave Scuol without trying its traditional delicious Swiss cuisine, especially the regional dishes like Bündnerplatte or a plate of the tasty Alpine cheese.

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Here are some sightseeing attractions that must be categorized in your bucket list during your visit to Scuol:

  • - Georg Church.
  • - Museum Schmelzra S-charl - It is the history museum of Scuol.
  • - Tarasp Castle - The city’s landmark, which is situated on a hilltop and dates back to the 11th century.
  • - Swiss National Park - The largest nature reserve in Switzerland that contains the Alpine flora and fauna.
  • - Engadin Bad Scuol - Switzerland’s first Roman-Irish Spa that provides incredible views of the Swiss Alps. In addition, it offers several relaxation options: saunas, hot baths and wellness treatments.
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