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The Ski Resort of Andermatt: Alpine Village, Church of St. Columban, Ursern Town Hall


Andermatt is the beautiful authentic Alpine lifestyle village, situated elegantly in the Swiss Alps. Trying to give a distinct picture of Andermatt it is enough to mention that this place is surrounded by a natural meeting point of passes, rivers, and regions throughout Switzerland.

Being situated at the center of Saint-Gotthard massif, in the Urseren Valley of the timeless charm, Andermatt serves as crossroads of the mountain pass to four directions: from north to south and from west to east.

In the late 18th century, the Ursern Valley was described as “dearest and most interesting” compared to all other regions he knew by outstanding German author Goethe. Thus, Andermatt ski resort becomes a wonderland for railway fans, giving a chance to try historic routes like Matterhorn-Gotthard or take one of the exciting routes crossing the Swiss Alps from the west to east.

The historic village center of Andermatt is a well-preserved and has a peaceful environment, runs along a number of grand houses, which was built from traditional woods. Andermatt surely inspires all its guests with the tranquillity and relaxing ensured environment.

If we consider Switzerland to be the “Water Tower” or “Moated Castle” of Europe, then being in Andermatt means that you are right in the middle of that tower. This is where the four rivers of the Rhine, the Rhone, the Reuss and the Ticino rise. Here one can find more than 40 crystal clear glittering lakes.

The winter sports facilities and Andermatt spas mean that whether you are wishing for a relaxing holiday or an adventurous one, you will find it here in the most spectacular surroundings. The ski area extends to connect with the neighboring ski area of Sedrun. Also, the summer is an ideal place for outdoor activities against a backdrop of spectacular mountain scenery, like hiking, climbing, mountain biking and others.

Overall, Andermatt is considered as the best place for all types of tourists who wish to spend exiting moments during their holidays. The village is also famous for hosting cultural and congress events.

Being at the crossroads of passes, Andermatt favours economic advantage and is developed as a SPA resort and trading center. Having all of the above said in mind, it is not difficult to imagine how wonderful can summer or winter holidays be in Andermatt.

In additional words, Andermatt is the ideal place to enjoy your Swiss holiday in the best way possible: 365 days of recreational and sportive activities, varied regional cuisine, 18-hole golf course, cozy atmosphere ideal for families and much more.

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Besides all this, Andermatt still has many sights to offer to its visitors during their stay. Here are some of them:

  • - Ursern Town Hall.
  • - Church of St. Columban - The important Romanesque spiritual building in the canton of Uri.
  • - Hospental Tower - The landmark of the village is settled on a rock above the town. Its top offers an amazing panoramic view of the village and the valley.
  • - Chapel and Almshouse of St. Karl - A fascinating Baroque building.
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