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Travel to the Alpine Village of Engelberg: Rigidalstock, Engelberg Abbey, Engelberg Ski Resort


Among the hidden gems of Switzerland is the enchanting Alpine village of Engelberg, located at the foot of Mount Titlis. Without any overstatement, Engelberg deserves the very name, which means the Engel’s Mountain in German. It is easily reachable from Swiss main cities of Zurich and Lucerne.

In 1120 this magical town was being discovered by the knight Konrad von Sellenbüren and in the 19th century became a very popular destination as a wellness resort. Later in the early 20th century, it was famous as a skiing area after having its ski lifts.

Engleberg is a great mix of culture and sports both for summer and winter enthusiasts, who will get their share in this action-packed village.

Visitors are guaranteed to have an unforgettable mountain experience as Engelberg is the place for many exciting activities. It may seem that the ski terrain is largely used by the advanced skiers, but nonetheless the beginners also have the opportunity to feel the thrill of skiing.

Among the list of things to do in Engelberg is the largest and breathtaking winter and summer holiday ski resort right in central Switzerland. At 10,000 feet is gently nestled the impressive Mount Titlis – the highest glacier of Switzerland.

Here is an extraordinary feeling you will experience when the rotating cable car Rotair will transport you to the top of the Mount Titlis. Also here, a stunning view from the height of 3000m above sea level unfolds. On your way rising upper to the peak, you will admire the incredible panoramic view of the beautiful nature of Lucerne and the shimmering lake, just like the pearl beads. You will have a marvellous opportunity to enjoy 360-degree views of the mountains and then disembark at Mount Titlis’ snowy summits.

Whenever you are there, encourage yourself to enjoy the opportunity of a scary walk over Europe’s highest suspension bridge, the Titlis Cliff Walk.

During the summer season, nothing is better than a fresh mountain air with the scent of different types of flowers, of which you have a wide choice of 500km walking trails for various challenges.

The families are very welcome here more than anywhere else, because of the unique infrastructure, making each member feel comfortable. “Families Welcome” seal by the side of the Swiss Tourism Association is a perfect proof that Engelberg is perfect not only for specific summer and winter activities but also for family trips.

Another amazing opportunity is to cross the mountain in order to have some rest and delve into the delicate world of Swiss cheese fondue in a cozy atmosphere.

To have the full image of this nice village you also need to know about the monastery and the collegiate church. The Benedictine Monastery was founded in 1120, where are still living about 30 monks. It has a great impact on the rustic lifestyle of the village. In addition, here, you are offered some delicious cheese samples during the Show Cheese Factory.

Switzerland Tour is here to give you an opportunity to enjoy the snow-covered slopes of Engelberg during a private transfer from Zurich through Lucerne.

Here are some sightseeing attractions worth to see while visiting Engelberg:

  • - Rigidalstock
  • - Hahnen
  • - Engelberg Abbey
  • - Eugenisee
  • - Engelberg ski resort
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