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Bern City Walking Tour

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- Ideal informative Bern City walking tour for two hours provided by Switzerland Tour.

- Take a trip to the city’s main spots starting from the Holy Ghost Church.

- Strolling through Spitalgasse Street and Barenplatz.

- Visit the Government Palace and the main landmark of Bern - the Clock Tower.

- Explore the Einstein House Museum (Optional).

- Visit the city’s symbol Bern Bear Park.

- At the end of the tour, you will still have plenty of activities to continue, enjoying the beauty of Bern.


Welcome to Bern! The Capital City of Switzerland and UNESCO World Heritage Site.

Join Switzerland-tour journeys over Bern City by meeting your friendly guide at Bern's main train station or the lobby of your hotel. Start revealing secrets about the civilization of this deep-rooted city on the one hand, and the enjoyable scenery on the other.

The first visited place will be the Holy Ghost Church (Heiliggeistkirche) dating back to the fifteenth century, which has been renovated in 2005 - 2006.

Next, stroll through the Old Town (Altstadt), and feel like you are walking on pages of a history book all along Spitalgasse Street and Barenplatz.

Continuing within the entertaining shopping Marktgasse Street, site to nine astonishing fountains with unique sculptures.

Additionally, you will discover the Zytglogge - the world’s oldest functioning clock tower. This decorated astronomical calendar watch is the masterpiece of Bern’s Old Town and has been in service for over eight hundred years.

One of the best places to visit in Switzerland is the City Center of Bern - the Bundesplatz. Here is situated the Swiss Parliament House, the Government Palace "Bundeshaus". It is home to public festivals, surrounded by all leading Swiss banks: and this is the picture of Swiss reality!

Another amazing optional opportunity to discover especially in Bern is the Einstein House Museum on the most famous street Kramgasse, where the world’s genius physicist has lived.

If you have enough determination and persistence, do not hesitate to climb the 344 stairs of Bern's Cathedral. It is the highest tower in the city, from where you will be amazed by the majestic scenery of the Old Town nestled on the banks of Aare River and the snowy mountains of Berner Oberland.

The last point of our excursion is the "Bear Pit" next to the brewery-restaurant Tramdepot. You will reach this place by crossing the Aare River, in order to enjoy seeing the friendly bears. They live as they are in their natural environment.

After ending the sightseeing trip, you can relax at the Rose Garden (Rosengarten) - it is situated near the Bear Pit. From where the magnificent atmosphere and enjoyable panorama of Bern City unfolds. Instead, you can increase your civilized background by visiting one of the exciting museums in Bern like the Bern Historical Museum, Swiss Alpine Museum, Natural History Museum or even the Museum of Communication.

By booking this tour, you will immerse yourself in the famous attractions of Bern City and divulge some hidden corners!

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