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Discover the beautiful Neuchatel: Neuchatel Castle, Collegiate Church, Archaeological Museum


The very name of Neuchatel sometimes being referred by the German name “Neuenburg” means “New Castle”. The city is nestled in the French part of Switzerland, along with the north-western shores of the eponymous lake by the same name.

Neuchatel is known as an alluring medieval waterfront city with a rich history dating back to 13,000 BC. Also, it boasts the delightful Old Castle that gave its name to the town as well as the lake.

Substantially, Neuchatel offers a peaceful environment, which possesses an incredible array of breathtaking and various landscapes. Neuchatel Lake and the reachable mountains are perfect for outdoor activities in a blissful setting.

Neuchatel has a long-lasting history during which it has gone through a number of modifications. Nowadays, the History Museum of Neuchatel suggests you be acquainted with the old city by means of fabulous Marquette relating the urban development of the city from the Middle Ages up to the present times.

By having a stroll through the elegant narrow alleys and wide boulevards, you will be amazed by the two historical buildings of Gothic style: Neuchatel Castle and Collegiate Church. They will pass you the medieval charm of the city. Both of the structures date back to the 12th century, and by now are being the landmarks of the city.

The Old Town is characterized by interesting galleries, museums and glamourous period architecture, which give you more motivation to explore it easily on foot.

You will also find many traditional shops situated in the Old Town, where you can buy the famous Swiss cheese and chocolate. In the newer parts, there are many exclusive brand boutiques and shopping centers.

The summer in Neuchatel is great for cruises. Those fond of boat cruises can take a tour to enjoy all three lakes at the Mountain of the Jura. In course, the Neuchatel is the largest lake, the borders of which are entirely situated within all Switzerland.

At the end of the day, you are offered to take a seat on a bench, from where you will be rewarded with the stunning views over the crystal clear Lake Neuchatel, and even the highest peak of the Swiss Alps across the lake.

Above all this, Neuchatel hosts several festivals during the year in a family-friendly atmosphere. For example, the Wine Harvest Festival in September, the Buskers Festival, as well as an open-air Music Festival, which takes place right on the lakeshore.

It would be a pleasure for Switzerland Tour to be your local guide here in order to give you the best of Neuchatel: the hidden treasures combined with unforgettable moments.

Here, we advise you with some places of interest that can excite you during your visit to Neuchatel:

  • - Neuchatel Castle - The castle was rebuilt in the 15th and 17th centuries. It is considered as a Swiss heritage site of national significance, and it is still being used as the seat of the cantonal government.
  • - Collegiate Church - It is witnessing a graceful example of early Gothic architecture, dating back to the 12th century.
  • - Archaeological Museum (Latenium) – This museum is the largest one in Switzerland and displays fascinating finds regarding the old regional history.
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