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Vevey: The Pearls of the Swiss Riviera, Charlie Chaplin Museum, Big Fork


Vevey is situated on the shores of Lake Geneva, right in the heart of the Vaud Canton, close to Montreux. The city is surrounded by an impressive Alpine panorama. So, it boasts with extraordinarily mild climate, which surely justifies its reason of being called one of the “Pearls of the Swiss Riviera”.

Vevey is considered an energy town, which supports fitness by making the bicycles available to the residents.

Furthermore, most of the town's areas are for the pedestrians. Even today you will still find many activities taking place in the streets of Vevey, such as the health traditional market, which occurs two days a week.

Vevey hosts numerous visitors every year for its richness with important historical places. Thus, the tourists are offered various things to do in Vevey starting from the cultural amenities, museums, leisure activities, amazing sceneries among other renowned places to discover.

The landscape of Vevey is characterized by gifting unforgettable impressions, especially the picturesque vineyards that run down to the shore of Lake Geneva. The bank of the lake offers a panoramic view, making it certainly a great place for taking a relaxing stroll on the shores.

Those fond of water activities will be pleased to try a journey on one of the city's landmarks the paddlewheel steamers. Nowhere else but in Vevey, you can find optimism; the sunshine, peace inside the majestic hotels, flowery alleyways, vineyards and palm trees characterizing the Belle Époque period at the end of 19th century.

The Region of Vevey is very famous for its excellent wine. The world-known colorful vintage festival “Fête des Vignerons” takes place once every twenty years on the shores of Lake Geneva. The entire region converges upon the town to celebrate this unique event, where the winemaking culture is celebrated.

One of the other hosted festivals in Vevey is the Cully Jazz Festival, which takes place during the month of April or May.

It is not surprising that the world-famous comedian actor, screenwriter and producer Charlie Chaplin chose Vevey as a place of residence with his family for his last 25 years. Nowadays, the statue commemorates his art at the lakeside. The legend's home, studio and the park already became a public museum to welcome people, who want to find themselves in the world of the actor, the man and the tramp.

Your trip could turn into a real luxurious vacation to Vevey, by the variety of offered boutique hotels, spas, shopping zone and restaurants.

Travel with Switzerland Tour who recommends you the best Vevey attractions you may like to visit during your private tour:

  • - Charlie Chaplin Statue and Museum.
  • - Swiss Camera Museum.
  • - Alimentarium Food Museum (Devoted to Vevey and food by Nestle).
  • - Nestle Headquarters (Open for the visitors only on the weekends).
  • - Morgan Art Gallery.
  • - Big fork.
  • - Jenisch Art and Cantonal Stamp Museum.
  • - Villa Le Lac Le Corbusier - Art Museum.
  • - Galerie Morgan Art Gallery.
  • - Église Notre-Dame (the Church of Our Lady).
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