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Visit the Cultural Fribourg: Gothic Cathedral, Fribourg Old Town, Swiss Sewing Machine Museum


Fribourg being founded in the 14th century by Herzog Berthold is nestled right in the heart of Switzerland. It is known as the Swiss rich city with the cultural plurality, universities and bridges.

The historic city takes all the visitors through the centuries by its stunning sightseeing.

Fribourg consists of many bridges and is considered as the platform, which unites the French and German-speaking Switzerland. The city's only remaining wooden bridge is the Berne, existing since 1653.

The lively city rises from the flat land by lying on a rocky hill, over the Sarine Valley up to the Swiss Alps in the south and east. It is surrounded by the Sarine River from three sides, which splits the city in two.

The medieval city comprises over 200 exceptional Gothic facades dating back to the 15th century. The remnants of ramparts that once had a 2km length were to protect the city, the towers and bastions will fully pass you the ambience of the medieval metropolis.

The most impressive building, however, remains the Gothic Cathedral of Saint Nicholas in Fribourg. This cathedral grants all the visitors the feeling of peace and silence. It is considered the emblem and landmark of Fribourg City, which was built from the 13th to 15th centuries. It started according to the German construction plans and finished to meet the French wishes.

Recognized by its magnificent stained glass windows, along with the gothic interior will transport you back into the past. Another feature is its tower of 74m, which provides fantastic panoramic views.

If you want to appreciate the beauty of a trip to Fribourg to the fullest, then you are cordially invited to take the funicular up to the pedestrianized area of the upper town of Fribourg. The unusual thing about this funicular is that it works by the city’s wastewater. The railway is running since 1899 and is listed as a cultural asset of national importance and gem of Fribourg tourism.

The main square with its 16th century City Hall is situated in the upper city. Today the square is home to many restaurants, cafes and shops. At the weekly open-air market, right in front of the City Hall, the farmers from the region offer their specialities for sale, mostly sausages and cheese.

Among the masterpieces of this superb city is the Espace Jean Tinguely and Niki de Saint Phalle, home to the artistry works of the genius Jean Tinguely and his wife Niki. Inside you will admire his exciting sculptures, which will appeal your several senses at the same time.

Having a cup of coffee or tasting local specialities after an enjoyable stroll through the narrow alleys of this cosmopolitan city will leave an unforgettable impression from your Fribourg holidays.

Switzerland Tour invites all the tourists to travel and inhale the civilization of this ancient city. Join our private tour to discover the secrets of this wonderland, one of the best places in Switzerland.

Here are some sights of interest in Fribourg you must visit:

  • - Fribourg Old Town.
  • - Saint Nicholas Cathedral of Fribourg.
  • - Loreto Chapel.
  • - The Museum of Art and History.
  • - Swiss Sewing Machine Museum (with more than 250 machines to be admired).
  • - Swiss Marionette Museum.
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