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Discover Zug with Switzerland Tour: The cobbled Old Town, Zug Lake, Zytturm Clock Tower


Zug is one of the charming spots in Switzerland, nestled beside the pearl Lake Zug, which reveals new wonders to the tourists each time they visit it. The city is located in the Canton of Zug, of which Zug is the capital. This town is well-known for its low taxes and affluence with beautiful nature.

The historic town of Zug is nearby the Zurich City all along with lovely enjoyable scenery on the way.

Zug is a favourite destination for those who are fond of discovering magnificent landmarks. Whereas, they are offered fascinating views while wandering through the cobbled Old Town (Altstadt), across the Zug Mountain and Lake Zug.

Also, it has a small historic center with several remarkable buildings in the original Swiss atmosphere. Their pastel colours and historic facades characterize the typical charming Zug buildings. Many of them are five hundred years old.

In fact, Zug is a modern city with a historical town, which is what you will feel and see especially while strolling through the modern part along the lakeshore.

Don't miss the opportunity to visit the Zytturm Clock Tower, which is another masterpiece located here in Zug. It is a 52-meter-high tower with a strikingly patterned roof, open to the public offering magnificent panoramic views of the town.

Zug is an economic powerhouse, where almost 27 thousand companies are registered because it is a low tax haven. Thus, many luxurious famous brands are situated here.

In addition, Zug registered cooperation, which is building a critical gas pipeline that links Europe with Russia via the Baltic.

Besides, Zug has many lakeside restaurants to enjoy a tasty local meal surrounded by incredible views. Otherwise, you can just take a long stroll along the lake paths.

The mild climate of the city makes the place perfect for growing cherries. Zug is also famous for kirsch liquor. Those who love Swiss bakery, especially cake with kirsch liquor (Zuger Kirschtorte) and chocolate cookies made with the liquor, absolutely need to visit this place.

The city is also a place where numerous festivals and events are held: Zug's traditional carnival, Zug Lake Festival, Cherry Market, National Horse Show, the Cherry Race (Chriesisturm), Bull Market, Jazz night, among others.

It is just the ideal location, where you can spend the vacation with your family and friends in order to have fun and sample the unique culinary.

Other options are to take the opportunity to witness the glorious sunsets of the city, gorgeous views of the mountains and unique natural surroundings.

After all, do not waste your time. Just book one of the best tour packages in Zug, in order to be closely acquainted with the treasures of this city.

Let us become your guide in Zug and lead you to the best sightseeing places in this city. Here are some of them as a piece of advice:

  • - Zug Castle.
  • - Old Town.
  • - Zug Train Station.
  • - Museum of Prehistory.
  • - Museum of Cultural History.
  • - Lake Zug.
  • - Art Museum (Kunsthaus Zug).
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