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Saas Fee: Car-Free Resort, The Pearl of the Alps, Chessjen Glacier

Saas Fee

Saas-Fee is among the finest car-free and ski resorts alongside with Zermatt and Lauterbrunnen, known to the world as “The Pearl of the Alps”.

One can barely find such a traffic-free mountain resort with snowy peaks at the backdrops, that retained fine traditions and architecture from the rural life of the past.

Having fascinating position Saas-Fee is a significant glacier village at an altitude of 1800 meters above sea level surrounded with 13 peaks reaching the height of four thousand meters.

The resort village is nestled between the towering mountains of the Swiss Alps. It is characterized by its genuine Alpine charm, the cosy narrow streets, the sun and crystal-clear water, small chalet-style houses and barns.

This glacier village can be a real paradise both for those who are fond of skiing and those who prefer hiking. The immediacy of the magnificent scenery takes all nature lover's breaths away, especially on a very clear day, when the brooding hills are more astonishing than pretty.

The summer in Saas-Fee draws the hikers and rock climbers by offering various possibilities of walking trails among endless routes to discover, convenient use of the local transports, as well as, resort lifts. All those facilities will allow you to achieve the highest peaks of skiing, reach higher walking paths or just admire the magnificent unfolded panoramic views.

Skiing in Sass-Fee itself is incredible, whereas the skiing area here reaches a breathtaking altitude of 3600 meters, which is suitable for everyone. Professionals can enjoy skiing from the highest peaks, while beginners are offered lots of flat sunny slopes, also they can go to the ski rental in Saas-Fee in order to practice in the village. Besides, there are plenty of supervised fun activities for children, or they can enjoy their time in the snow park at the Mittelallalin while the carvers are making amazing sculptures.

Thanks to its proximity to the glaciers, whereas here reliable snow cover is guaranteed despite the weather outside, as well as, extremely extensive skiing pistes. Even in the summertime, there is a possibility of skiing on the glacier. Hence, Saas-Fee ski resort can be a wonderland for winter sports lovers all year round.

After a full day of exploration, reward yourself in a romantic atmosphere restaurant at the town or grab a drink at one of the many bars with sunny terraces.

Along with all this, Saas-Fee Valley is among the famous family-friendly destinations and has the honour to receive the quality award "Families Welcome" in 2005.

Holidays in this village will be a perfect choice for everyone, in order to regenerate their energies in this magical mountain landscape, breath the pure Alpine air, unwind from the stresses of the daily routine.

Furthermore, Saas-Fee is an invigorating place and there are lots of things to do in Saas-fee that deserve to try. Here are some of them:

  • - Visit Ice Grotto and the Revolving Restaurant.
  • - Curling and Ice Skating.
  • - Hike to Britannia Hut.
  • - Chessjen Glacier.
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