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Healthcare, Treatment Centers, Medical Treatment, Private Clinics

Health Institutions

The Swiss healthcare system is considered as one of the best models in the world. This is due to its emphasized high level of patient satisfaction and life expectancy.

There is a mantra in Swiss healthcare politics, a phrase one hears again and again. Healthcare in Switzerland is of excellent quality, but quite expensive. Although these services are not cheap, prices are justified by the extensive network of highly qualified doctors and hospitals, the superior quality of medical services and equipment. Most importantly, these services are being arranged with short time or no waiting lists.

The Swiss healthcare system allows anyone having an insurance package to choose his doctor and hospital for treatment. Some limitations may be applied according to the type of insurance package.

Health insurance covers the costs of medical treatment and hospitalization of the insured. However, the insured person pays part of the cost of treatment.

There are approximately 60 registered health insurance companies in Switzerland. Each offers the same advantages in their basic health insurance policies. These companies are obliged to accept anyone who applies, regardless of pre-existing health conditions. You are free to choose your own insurer.

The basic health insurance policy covers the following:

- Out-patient treatment by officially recognized doctors.

- Medicines prescription by a doctor and on an official list.

- Emergency treatment.

- A contribution to transport/rescue expenses.

- Maternity check-ups, tests, ante-natal classes, childbirth.

- Abortions and gynecological check-ups.

- Rehabilitation after operations or illness.

- Vaccinations.

- Medical treatment when on short trips outside of Switzerland.

- Some alternative therapies, like homeopathy and Chinese medicine and psychotherapy if this is given within the medical practice.

The Swiss healthcare owns a good combination of the following systems:

- Public healthcare system or public hospitals, for example, the University Hospital of Geneva.

- Subsidized private healthcare system: Such as home care services, which are being provided in case of difficult pregnancy, after the childbirth, accident, illness, handicap or old age.

- Totally private healthcare system: doctors in private clinics or private practice.

These three systems include public and private hospitals, polyclinics, and healthcare treatment centers. Services are provided to high standards, an increased level of responsibility and of course, care. For ages, Switzerland has also been remarkable for inpatient elderly care services and psychiatric care.

Hospitals in Switzerland are called Krankenhaus / Spital / Hospital / Ospedale depending in what part of the multilingual country you are residing in. Many doctors in Switzerland and senior health professionals will speak excellent English.

Are you planning to receive medical treatment at one of the medical centers in Switzerland? Are you not familiar with the process? Then we can advise on the best Swiss hospitals and Swiss health insurances.

Would you like to know more about a certain health institution, a procedure, and supplementary cover options? Get in touch with us and we will be happy to help.

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