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Multilingual and Multicultural, International and Local Language Centers, French, German and English

Language Courses

Switzerland enjoys a multilingual and multicultural environment since geographically it lies at a unique crossroad of the Germans to the North, French to the East and Italians to the South. Therefore, there are four official languages spoken in Switzerland - German, French, Italian, and Romansch (a language derived from Latin).

If you are interested in learning or advancing your skills in any of these European languages abroad, Switzerland is the right country to make your way to. It has a number of international and local language centers equipped with modern-age facilities and student lounges. These make learning a foreign language an extremely enjoyable and easy process. There are courses for beginners, intermediate and advanced language learners adjusted for both short time and long-time travelers. Language courses are available in an individual session or private tutoring, culture centers or language schools, semi-private groups or larger groups.

Switzerland is a financial and cultural center. It is housing enormous corporations, historical buildings, and a beautiful natural landscape. The three most popular places for language study in Switzerland are Zurich, Geneva, and Lugano. Each location offers a different lifestyle and focuses on a different language. Choosing the right location for your language program in Switzerland really depends on your language goals.

Geneva is close to the border of France, so most people speak French in Geneva, and many even travel to and from France for work. Geneva is famous as a peace capital, which creates an incredibly welcoming environment for foreign language learners. Other language schools for French are generally located in cities along the shores of the sparkling Lake Geneva: in Montreux, Lausanne or Verbier.

Cities in the north, such as Zurich, Bern, Basel, and Lausanne are more specialized in teaching German. The region of Switzerland in which Zurich is located mainly speaks German. Thus, the German language programs are most common in Zurich. The city is full of international people and has various cultural centers and museums. Zurich’s historic buildings and grand streets make learning German one of the most culturally enriching places to study abroad.

People learn Italian mostly in the language centers of Lugano, a city bordering Italy in the South. Lugano is a marvelous city, being the third most important financial center in Switzerland. This historic city is a very popular tourist destination. It is surrounded by lush green hills and the infamous Lake Lugano, language students can engage in many exciting outdoor activities, such as skiing, rafting, and trekking.

Do you consider traveling and studying a language abroad? Get in touch with us and we will be excited. Surely, we will help you find a course according to your needs, time available, preferences, knowledge level or the degree of intensity, class size and cost. Summer courses in Switzerland can be a great choice for you. Be it Swiss-French schools or German courses in Zurich. No matter which location you choose for your language program in Switzerland, we guarantee you will have a memorable experience.

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