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Basel City Walking Tour


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Basel City Walking Tour

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- Switzerland Tour invites all the travel lovers to discover the fascinating Basel City during two-hour foot walk.

- Get closer acquaintance to the famous Tinguely Museum.

- Enjoyable tour to the top landmarks of Basel, principally in the Old Town like Basel’s Town Hall.

- Stroll along the Rhine River with inhaling the pure relaxing atmosphere.

- After the Basel City walking tour ends, spend the rest of your precious time by taking a boat trip through the fantastic sights of the charming Basel City.


Basel - the “Cultural Capital” of Switzerland and the leading site of Swiss trade fairs, is nestled proudly on the banks of Rhine River.

Reveal more about the diversity of the stunning Basel City during a two-hour walking tour, accompanied by an informative expert guide to the tourist attractions and the eye-catching landmarks.

Every corner of Basel attracts the tourists, especially the multitude of museums found in every square kilometer, such as Tinguely Museum, home to the works of the innovative Jean Tinguely. The Basel Art Museum “Kunstmuseum” where you explore the transformation of art over time. Another option is one of the 40 internationally known museums: For example, Museum of Cultures, Basel Historical Museum or Swiss Architecture Museum.

Even if your kids are travelling with you, they will have their joyful time as well in a museum, especially for them. The Dollhouse Museum is home to toys from all around the world.

The Old Town (Altstadt) of Basel is the significant part of today’s city that offers numerous activities: Such as walking through the cobblestone streets, taking a look at the artificial fountains, primarily the Tinguely fountain with the animated iron machines. Even by just passing along the old houses and the churches, which are dating back to the Middle Ages, will satisfy you with its ancientness.

In the center of the Old Town is situated Basel’s Town Hall “Rathaus”, a red sandstone building with colourful paintings on it. Inside one can find the representing chambers of the Parliament and the Government Council, considered as one of the must-see milestones in Basel.

We also advise you to visit the Basel Zoological Garden, which is the favourite destination for all pet lovers. The Zoo obtains a variety of domestic and wild animals that will surely entertain your day with their friendly accompany.

Until the end of the day, you have one more opportunity that is worthwhile. Admire the delightful pearl view over the Rhine river while tasting the famous “Basler Leckerli Biscuit” – the regional biscuit made of honey. Other than that, just sit back and enjoy a scenic boat trip on the Rhine river under Basel’s bright sky.

Cherish an entirely different perspective of this city’s landmarks!

Other exciting sightseeing locations are mentioned below, to help all the visitors discover the distinctive features of Basel City:

- Basel Minster

- Nature surrounded Wildenstein Castle

- The Musical Theater Basel

- Basel Paper Mill

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