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The Secrets of World-Known Swiss Chocolate

World’s Tastiest Chocolate Only in Switzerland

Who does not know that the world’s best chocolates ever come from Switzerland? Who does not know at least one of his friends who travelled to Switzerland in order to delve into this chocolate world of delicacy?

During long years, the exceptionally high chocolate Swiss brands made its products among the leading ones all around the world by producing the tastiest mouth-watering treats. Hence, the reputation of Swiss chocolate for a good living has no borders!

Chocolate may not be the country's primary employer. However, it has become a significant part of Switzerland. No wonder after all these efforts to obtain the very name of best chocolate worldwide.

Switzerland doesn’t own the needed climate to grow cocoa. Nevertheless, Swiss became known globally for its chocolate.

The secrets of this, so amazingly tasty chocolate is the best-used cocoas and ingredients, by the chocolatiers who devote they all time and efforts to making the Swiss finest chocolate.

The rank of famous chocolate brands in Switzerland are countless, and consumption is worldwide. Thus, it is no surprise that there are loads of superb chocolate brands and more commonly known are the Lindt, Toblerone, Biotta, Cailler, Frey, Movenpick, Teuscher, among many others. However, the one that is voted as the most delicious Swiss chocolate is the American Swiss-made chocolate: Nestle, headquartered by Lake Geneva.

The lovely decorations of these chocolates are caught the attention, even more, to melt while tasting these unparalleled luxurious selections.

The history of inventing the first chocolate bar was by Francois-Louis Cailler in 1819. Furthermore, in 1875, Daniel Peter – Francois’s son in law, was the creator of the original milk chocolate. Whereas, his recipes were legacy to nowadays generations, who also developed it during the hundred years past.

Switzerland has been the sweet temptation for more than 200 years by its chocolate. In fact, Swiss is the leading chocolate maker for the whole world and for itself as well. Hence, it is the largest food industry in Switzerland, with annual producing about 180,000 tons of chocolate.

Thanks to these products which are highly qualified and reflect the delight in every single bite by its selected raw materials. Also, because of the great Swiss chocolate innovators and experts.

Overall, if you are a chocolate passionate and looking for an extraordinary experience, then Switzerland Tour is here for you. Immerse yourself in excursions which are formed specially to delight the most discerning of chocolate aficionados. Learn how the chocolate reached Europe and how the Swiss made it, even more, tastier and leisurely savour over 20 several varieties of Cailler chocolate at Maison Cailler in Broc, the oldest chocolate maker in Switzerland. It is only a small hop from Gruyeres Village, which was voted as the most beautiful part of Switzerland. Besides, taste your first Fondue here in the same town while visiting the Maison du Gruyere – cheese factory.

Undoubtedly, any trip to Switzerland will not be completed without tasting the delicious Swiss chocolate. You adore chocolate. Therefore, you won’t ever leave Switzerland!