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Swiss Landscape: Landlocked Country in Central Europe and Land of Alps


This small landlocked country in central Europe also known as the land of Swiss Alps fascinates with its unique and diverse beauty even the most demanding client. In this small area (the north-south distance is 220km and the east-west distance 346km) you will find a magnificent variety of sceneries convenient to all type of preferences. Whether you like mountains and hills, lakes, rivers and glaciers, dreamy villages and well preserved medieval cities. Altogether, they compose unforgettable charm of this wonderful country. Thus, only within three-hour journey you can witness sunny palm avenues and imposing glaciers.

Switzerland is a small mountainous country located in the Western-Central Europe. The landlocked Switzerland is highly industrialized and has many advantages, thanks to its great geographical features. Five countries surround Switzerland: France to the west, Italy to the south, Austria and Liechtenstein on the east and Germany on the north.

While being divided into twenty-six sovereign cantons, Switzerland is also separated by language. People speak here in four official languages: German, French, Italian and Romansh.

Switzerland is split into three geographical regions: the Jura (10%), the Plateau (30%) and the Alps (60%). The Jura with an average altitude of 700m covers Northern part of the country. It resembles an arc of limestone hills formed around 160 million years ago.

Almost two-thirds of the Swiss population, main cities, and industrial centers are concentrated in the Plateau. Contrary to its name “Plateau” this part of the country is composed of hilly areas, several large lakes, and rivers. Although the greatest part of the country is covered by the Alps, only 11% of the population lives here. There are 48 peaks more than 4000m above sea level in the Swiss Alps (the highest point is Dufourspitze with 4634m).

Lakes and Rivers cover about 4% of the country’s surface area. It is believed that many Swiss lakes once were glaciers and only during the last Ice Age were transformed into lakes. The largest lakes, namely Geneva, Neuchatel, and Biel are located in the northern part of the country. Besides, Switzerland is considered to be the source of freshwater reserves (about 6%) of Europe. The country shares five river basins and some of the largest lakes in Western Europe with its neighbors.

Swiss people are supposed to have high respect for nature and beauty, which has its impact on tourism development as well. Having the geographical image of Switzerland, one can surely announce that this country has a wide range of winter and summer sightseeing and sport activates. These ensure the strong tourist seasons all year round.

The Mediterranean atmosphere, untouched landscapes, Swiss mountains and the peak of the Alps are impressive for each traveler. Each canton has its special character. The eye-catching contrast of green nature and blue sky is a huge feature for this country as well. The fresh air combined with the beautiful view of Swiss summits will leave every visitor breathless and longing for more. No surprise Switzerland keeps its role proudly as a favorite tourist destination!

Swiss Landscape